We are fortunate for the exposure to nature surrounding our region.  Brown County State Park, Yellowwood State Forest, Hoosier National Forest… (and more) provide an abundance of land to traverse over a diverse topography.  Gathering these elements in a landscape requires a familiarity that best comes from the exposure.  A love for the area, and nature in general, is the most common thread between DHS team members and that provides our clients the integration from nature woven into the residence.

We specialize in all things quality and have artisans that can surpass expectations no matter what preference (formal or naturalistic).  This is the first insert in the “In the Spirit of Stone” series that specifically profiles a natural element in the landscape.

Natural Stone Steps help homeowners with various “slopes” traverse the topography of their residence safely without interrupting the landscape.  Coming in all shapes and sizes stonework is like working on a puzzle without a finished picture and the true talent of a stoneworker/mason involves a trained eye to see “what could be”.  This combined with the experience and knowledge of proper installation techniques are what separates the boys from the men.  A finished product should last a lifetime… If you can dream it DHS can design and build it. History tells the tale in the PORTFOLIO page.  Or check more photos and make your own ideabook in HOUZZ.