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DHS Specimen Trees


This is a 12"caliper willow oak we transplanted from our nursery to a customer in Prairie Green Bloomington, IN
This is a 12″caliper willow oak we transplanted from our nursery to a customer in Prairie Green Bloomington, IN

Fall dig season is here again and we are digging and planting many beautiful trees like always.  As each year passes we are able to hold onto a few giants of which some have been growing since the nursery was first planted.  If you want an instant impact in your yard DHS has many titans of the forest ready to do just that.  20′ plus tall Norway Spruce will make a instant privacy or wind screen and our Red and White Oak varieties can add instant shade to hide in during the summer heat. Check out our TREE FARM page to look at the extensive list of trees we have and call to schedule a time to come look for yourself and tag that perfect tree.

-Hardscape Installation (video)

This is a short video of a natural stone staircase project completed by Designscape in beautiful Brown County (fall of 2014).  After sorting through thousands of trail camera pictures we compiled them into this 2min  video.  Designscape excels in installations where the logistics and mobilization of equipment and materials are in difficult/hard to reach areas.  All 100+tons of material for this job had to travel a half mile down an old atv trail before reaching their final destination.


The frigid temperature is providing us opportunities to plant specific varieties of hardy trees in normally high impact and hard to reach areas.  If you have a nice lawn and don’t want your grass torn up while planting a giant tree the crust of frost provides a great time to bring heavy equipment in.

Specifically DHS is planting hardy: spruce (Norway and White), oaks, maples, arborvitae, and select shrubs like winterberry holly and viburnum.

-EAB IS HERE (saving your ash tree)

FACT… 20-30% of the trees in the midwest region are common ash (fraxinus americana).  There are studies now that say the threat of new insects (like EAB) will cause more change to the ecosystem than global climate change of temperature.  Just imagine…  on the low end if we lost 10% of our forest trees over the next 5 years what will happen.

Emerald Ash Borer has arrived in Bloomington!  If you have Ash trees and want to save them give us a call. We use the Arbor Jet Viper system with Tree Age insecticide as it has proven to be very effective against this destructive pest.

Here’s a great link from the Purdue Extension for more information or you can email Joe (DHS Arborist) directly at



-Spring is here and going quickly!

Maple Leaves

As the rush of spring started late it looks like it may be short lived as well.  Now is the time to be checking for winter damage on all your landscape plants.  This includes those time tested favorites we all thought were zone hardy.  Here’s a link to a great video put out by our friends at Purdue to help explain the effects of old man winter.