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-Hardscape Installation (video)

This is a short video of a natural stone staircase project completed by Designscape in beautiful Brown County (fall of 2014).  After sorting through thousands of trail camera pictures we compiled them into this 2min  video.  Designscape excels in installations where the logistics and mobilization of equipment and materials are in difficult/hard to reach areas.  All 100+tons of material for this job had to travel a half mile down an old atv trail before reaching their final destination.

-In The Spirit of Stone: Natural Stone Steps

We are fortunate for the exposure to nature surrounding our region.  Brown County State Park, Yellowwood State Forest, Hoosier National Forest… (and more) provide an abundance of land to traverse over a diverse topography.  Gathering these elements in a landscape requires a familiarity that best comes from the exposure.  A love for the area, and nature in general, is the most common thread between DHS team members and that provides our clients the integration from nature woven into the residence.

We specialize in all things quality and have artisans that can surpass expectations no matter what preference (formal or naturalistic).  This is the first insert in the “In the Spirit of Stone” series that specifically profiles a natural element in the landscape.

Natural Stone Steps help homeowners with various “slopes” traverse the topography of their residence safely without interrupting the landscape.  Coming in all shapes and sizes stonework is like working on a puzzle without a finished picture and the true talent of a stoneworker/mason involves a trained eye to see “what could be”.  This combined with the experience and knowledge of proper installation techniques are what separates the boys from the men.  A finished product should last a lifetime… If you can dream it DHS can design and build it. History tells the tale in the PORTFOLIO page.  Or check more photos and make your own ideabook in HOUZZ.

-Landscape Installation: Bloomington, Indiana (Hyde Park)

Beautiful landscape that is constantly growing.  A forest retreat in the backyard of residential neighborhood.


-GET OUT! Outdoor Rooms

Swiss Family RobinsonWe all wish this was us… Living out our own real-life version of Swiss Family Robinson. Our “work-first” programming as a responsible adult tells us our inherent desire to live outdoors is childish.  Childish [adj.}=Suitable for a child.  This definition however gives no restrictions or state that it can not also be “Suitable for an ADULT”.  Creating living spaces outside or outdoor living rooms (HOUZZ LINK) are a growing trend. “Staycations” are great for families and growing in popularity across the world.  Building outdoor living rooms can include a variety of elements and be as simple or complex as you like but once you get much further past a grill and lawn chairs consulting a professional will reward your efforts.  Even for DIYers a design and construction details can help sustain your investment.  Remember the greatest efforts are in the preparation…  Walking surfaces require proper base to provide pleasing aesthetics and safety for all walks of life (infant-elder).  Any natural elements such as firepits or water features need to be installed properly with grading and drainage in mind.  Remember you don’t want exploding stone in your firepit or water from your bubbling rock running into your basement or crawlspace.

Take the time to do it right the first time. Whether you’re “Father”, Elizabeth, or Franz we all have dreams to be The Swiss Family (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE).

-Dry Creek Beds 4 Drainage Solutions

That are lots of variables that determine the quality of drainage around your home.  Often IMPROPER SLOPE (i.e. rise/run) is a commonly overlooked issue when installing a new landscape.  Proper drainage systems are a difficult for the home owner and contractor to come to terms on.  It’s a expense that can be quite costly and is usually all buried underground and gives no asetic benifit to the home.  Designscape’s favorite solution is to use the skill of grading to revert water to more ideal locations.  A great way is through a dry creek bed.  Installation methods vary but the best method is the look at one built by mother nature and try to recreate it.

-Installing Sandstone Steps

The right equipment and meticulous base preparation make this job not only aestically pleasing but sustainable.  Lesson 1 on hardscaping… NEVER CUT CORNERS IN YOUR BASE PREP! This gallery give descriptions of the installation and shows a start to finish installation of Shoals Co. Sandstone Steps.