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The foundation to any new landscape or garden renovation begins with a Professional Design Process.  Laying the framework by providing Plan-View and Perspective Drawings are important for client awareness and sound mind. The  advice and recommendations from experienced designers are then melded with the  client’s ideas and expectations into a Master Plan, where all main design elements are revealed.  By using Computer-Aided Designs the artwork grows in practicality and the Master Plan then provides all the information needed to move into the installation phase  including pricing, proposals and plant lists.

*design staff are accredited horticulturists by the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association as Masters in Horticulture

The Consultation and Design Process

I. Site Survey

  • Soil Analysis
  • Existing Site Inventory
  • Lighting and Drainage Identification

II. Master Plan Development

  • Client Consultation
  • Contract  Estimating
  • Priorities List and Budget Assessments

III. Finished Design

  • Plans for Construction:   Planting/Grading/Irrigation/Hardscaping/Water  Features
  • Final Contract and Pricing