One of the most important aspects to any garden is its character trees as they provide maturity and closure to any landscape.  These titans of the forest are often limited in space when placed in an urban setting and can suffer drastically if not  given the proper care.  Designscape’s internationally certified arborist provides accurate diagnoses and solutions that are easily overlooked by the untrained eye.  Being one of the LARGEST investments to any landscape, tree care is a vital service for a garden to thrive and mature to its full potential. Designscape’s crews are properly trained and equipped to handle any scale of job.

Scope of Work

Professional Climbing

  • Large Tree Cabling and Support
  • Selective Pruning

Tree Removal

  • Bucket Truck Work
  • Chipping and Haul Off
  • Stump Grinding

PHC (Plant Health Care)

  • Root  Innoculations
  • Tree Injections
  • Airspading
  • Compost Tea