Designscape’s Plant Health Care division was grown out of our arboriculture services and now provides a wide scope of services. From helping to rescue sick/stressed trees to working proactively on the front end with scheduled plant management.  Designscape’s two internationally certified arborists perform localized tree injections for pesky pests such as EAB (emerald ash borer), and other bad bugs that feed on our trees.  DHS also brews around 1,600 gallons of nourishing botanicals in the form of “DHS Enhanced Compost Tea” per month through the growing season.  This live bacteria is sprayed as a foliar to enhance organic matter (Humus) in turf, trees, and shrubs.  It directly sprayed as a soil inoculant to production gardens and slow fed directly to edible plants.  Lastly it is direct injected via a GroGun into the root zone of mature trees, fracking compacted soils and deep root feeding the tea’s beneficials directly to where the trees need it most.