Designscape realizes the key to sucess is in the growth and retention of great employees who can provide the best service-value ratio for the customer.

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Landscape Installation

Property Enhancement

Designscape team members have a variety of skills and there is a shared respect for QUALITY work. Designcape values and encourages professional development seeing many team members excel and increase their skill set in different forms of education and training.  With over 35 years in business, the company uses their collective knowledge for in-house training (DHSU).  Experienced/skilled team members provide others a unique platform for improvement in the important skills, applications, and technical terms related to our industry. Within Designscape’s team bios there is a variety of degrees from Education to Botany to Business and the account managers and installation foreman have certifcations through OISC (State Chemist Certified for Applications), INLA (Indiana Accredited Horticulturalist), NALP (Nationally Certified Landscape Technician), and the International Society of Arboriculture.

Designscape values personal development and the main goal of the company is to develop leaders who have a purpose in life greater than themselves and which will help mankind for eternity.  Designscape’s mission work is fulfilled by internal team members along with their families and friends who care about people.  The company focuses on local and international missions and you can read more about it on the DHS MISSIONS page.