With Designscape Horticultural Services, Inc., designing and installing a landscape is a comprehensive, collaborative process between the contractor and client.  Once an appointment for consultation has been made, a landscape designer from Designscape will visit the client’s site. During the initial consultation the designer hears the client’s concerns, preferences and budget considerations and then begins assessing the site as to the suitability and practicality of certain uses and effects.

Once this assessment has been made, the contractor will produce an itemized proposal that specifies the types of plants and construction materials to be used, including quantities and sizes, and projects labor costs.  If desired, the contractor will produce a sketch of the finished landscape where significant alteration of the existing landscape will be undertaken.  Within a few weeks, the contractor will present his or her itemized proposal to the client for approval or for alterations.

On-site consultation usually take 1-2 hours.  Payment for the on-site consultation should be made at the close of the meeting.  The client will be billed at a rate of $95 per hour of on-site consultation and if the location is outside the immediate Bloomington -Nashville area, a surcharge for travel time will be added.  If Designscape installs the proposed landscaping with a contract of $2,000 or more, the consultation fee will be deducted from the final installation bill. 

For landscaping projects in which blueprints, perspective drawings, planting plans, or computer aided renderings are desired, clients are billed $95 per hour of design time.  Please note that this cost is NOT deductible from the cost of the installation, and is payable upon completion of the design work.  The design fee is billed separately from installation work.  Paying for the design allows you, the client, to keep and use the drawings as you desire.

Because our consultation process is comprehensive, it is necessarily time-consuming, thus, we must bill for it.  It is the best method we have found for ensuring that your wishes are realized in the end.

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